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Hint according to Batteriegesetz (battery law)

As we are selling batteries and accumulators and accordingly devices that contain batteries and accumulators we are obliged according to Batteriegesetz (battery law) to advise you of the following: The disposal of batteries and accumulators must not be done via domestic waste. You are legally obligated to return used batteries and accumulators. If not stored or disposed appropriately used batteries may contain contaminants which may cause damage to the environment or to your health. Also, batteries contain important basic materials like e.g. iron, zinc, manganese or nickel and are recycled. After use you may either send the batteries back to us or you can return them in your immediate vicinity free of charge (e.g. in retail stores or in local collection points). The return at shops is limited to common consumer quantities and limited to the kind of used batteries that the distributor is or has been selling in his range of products for new batteries. The sign of the crossed trash can means that you are not allowed to depollute batteries and accumulators via domestic waste.

Hinweis nach Batteriegesetz

Under this sign you will find additional symbols. Their meaning is as follows:
Pb: battery contains lead
Cd: battery contains cadmium
Hg: battery contains mercury

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Hinweis zum Batteriegesetz
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